At Media2000 we use ground-breaking technology LiveU with the NewsSpotter, via the KA-SAT satellite  or 4G LTE Cellular to Uplink/Stream your content.

The Ka-Sat is a robust satellite transmission system. It is cost-effective, as it is portable and lightweight enabling Media2000 to stream HD video in real time from any location within Europe, North Africa and parts of the Middle East with a small 75 cm Satellite Dish.

The benefits of Ka-Sat includes:

    • Access 10Mbps on an uncontended connection and guaranteed exemption of any network congestion issues which provides a reliable platform for content delivery.
    • Take advantage of the Pay As You Go billing.
    • We understand how sensitive and valuable content is so we can offer optional private routing for added security. You can transmit sensitive or valuable content securely to your data hub for processing.
  • We offer the “always on” connectivity for email, VOIP and web browsing.

Ka-Sat is suitable for:

    • Breaking news stories in remote areas
    • Temporary press centres across Europe
    • Live event coverage and sporting events
  • Remote Communication Command centre : Secure internet, Web browsing, VOIP Telephone.

We use LiveU200 which gives our clients a cost effective media management solution for live IP-SNG video distribution. LiveU works well for breaking or developing news, special events, sports coverage and corporate video communication. The technology is live, wireless and lightweight.

To find out more about how our broadcasting services can assist you. Call us on

Office: +44(0)207 993 5596 Mobile:+44 7956 316030 or use our contact us page.

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Newsspotter Dish
Newsspotter – Ka Sat